Casino weekly bonus

While gambling at online casinos, one should necessarily make a try to enjoy all the bonuses offered at different casinos. A variety of bonuses is the primary attraction introduced by the casinos to lure players who play with real money. Apart from welcome sign up bonus that is a single-time event taking place when the player opens an account at an online casino, there are recurrent bonuses that are distributed to the players on regular basis. One of the types of recurrent bonuses is weekly bonus.

Weekly bonus scheme

Weekly bonus is a type of casino recurrent bonuses that comes on regular basis. Its usual size is up to 50%. Weekly bonus is usually given when the player makes his or her first deposit in a given week and is added instantly. It means that the players are able to get free money at their accounts every time they make a first deposit at online casinos on specific days. These bonuses are not common at every online casino. In fact, only some casinos will offer a welcome bonus to their players. Besides, every casino will have different conditions for welcome bonuses.
A weekly bonus basically works as a usual casino match bonus. This means that the casino uses certain percentages to match the player's first deposit. These matching percentages are added to the players' accounts only on certain days of the week.

  • Some casinos may offer 25% bonus for every minimum $50 and maximum $1,000 first player's deposit every Monday.
  • In other casinos the player may be offered 50% bonus for every $50 to $500 deposit on Wednesdays.
  • The scheme may be different for Fridays - for instance, the layer may be offered a 100% bonus for minimum $50 and maximum $250 deposit.

Weekly bonus restrictions

Online casinos introduce weekly bonus in order to attract more players and make sure that these players stay with them for a long time. Nevertheless welcome bonuses tend to attract bonus hunters - disloyal players who sign up at various casinos and take advantage of the bonuses offered there without an inclination to stay with any of the casinos. To ward off bonus hunters, online casinos introduce a whole set of bonus terms and wagering requirements so that advantage players think twice before accepting a weekly bonus.
Every online casino has different conditions for weekly bonus. For instance, the bonus amounts may vary from casino to casino, or the wagering requirements can be more or less demanding. It is very important that the player gets acquainted with different bonus conditions at different online casinos before accepting the bonus in order to find the casino offering the most favorable weekly bonus and enjoy its advantages.

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