Exclusive bonus offers

Online casinos constantly work at inventing the ways to attract players to their websites and make them loyal clients. Probably the best way to lure the players to certain online casinos is introducing various bonuses. There are bonuses offered for signing up at the online casino, others are credited to players' accounts when they deposit money and make wagers at the casino. Different casino game bonus types are introduced for all casino games available online. One of the latest offers of online casinos is exclusive bonus offers.

Exclusive bonus system

Exclusive bonus offers are available at certain websites online casinos have made deals with. As far as there are thousands of online casinos available on the web, the players need to be guided through this vast variety in order to discover new casinos offering favorable conditions and find the ones that are most suitable.
Certain Internet sites and portals make reviews of various online casinos' activities and define the most reputable casinos offering the best conditions for playing all kinds of casino games. The casinos have much to gain from it as far as such sites bring certain extent of publicity to the online casinos' sites and thus increase casinos' profits. That's why online casinos introduce exclusive bonus offers that will be available only to the subscribers of these sites. These exclusive bonuses bring profit to the online casinos that get more subscribers, to the websites writing reviews that gain reputation and, finally, to the players who get more favorable casino bonus money offers.

Common exclusive bonus types

In fact, an exclusive bonus may belong to any bonus type. You may find exclusive match deposit bonuses, free chips or free spins at slots online, online tournaments or combinations of different bonus types, etc. Nevertheless, there are two basic types of online exclusive bonus offers:

  • Match deposit bonuses. As long as the player deposits money to his or her account at an online casino, he or she is eligible to get a match bonus. Casino match bonus offers a certain percentage that matches the player's deposit amount. For instance, the player may deposit $200 and get a 100% bonus - additional $200 for a maximum $200 deposit.
  • No Deposit casino bonuses mean that the player doesn't have to deposit any money. In fact, the player gets free money immediately and is able to play with them and withdraw the bonus and any winnings. The restriction here is that the bonus money is usually to be spent within a certain time limit, or there are demanding wagering requirements. It means that the player might have to make a certain amount of bets in order to eventually withdraw the bonus and the winnings.

Usually exclusive bonus offers have better bonus terms and conditions compared to that of the standard casino bonus types available at online casinos' sites. Nevertheless, it is important to make sure you are aware of all the terms and conditions for exclusive bonuses before accepting any of them.

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