Cash back bonus at online casinos

Cash back bonus is probably the least common among all casino bonuses. The reason for this is that all other bonuses imply that a player should make further wagers, while cash back bonuses are based on the player’s previous bets. The player isn’t supposed to make further bets; he or she should only fulfill the necessary playthrough requirements.

Cash back bonus strategy

Cash back bonus is in fact a refunding of the player’s money losses in a certain period of time. It usually comes in the form of cash or credits added to the player’s account to use for further bets. The conditions and wagering requirements for cash back bonuses are different for different online casinos. It usually comes as a certain percentage matching the player’s losses during a certain period of time. This percentage commonly makes about 10 to 15%, but 20% cash back weekly bonus is also quite common.
For instance, a player may lose $100 in a week while playing at an online casino. He or she is supposed to get back $20 the next week.

Cash back bonuses restrictions

No bonuses will come without certain limitations and restrictions as far as casinos aren’t charitable institutions and don’t give money for nothing. Cash back bonuses also come with a whole set of restrictions.

  • Casinos may introduce cash back bonuses that come on a regular basis, like weekly or monthly bonuses. Most online casinos will introduce certain time limits to reduce the amount of the cash back bonus. For instance, the bonus may cash back the player’s losses on a certain day of the week only.
  • Other casinos will only introduce cash back bonuses for certain casino games. These are usually games having higher house advantage over the players. For instance, cash back bonus may be awarded for slots online, but blackjack will offer no refunding of the player’s losses.
  • Most casinos will only offer cash back bonuses to the “big players” who make large initial deposits and continue playing with larger money. The larger are the sums, the bigger are the player’s benefits, and cash back bonuses also grow with the players’ deposits.
  • Apart from all this, cash back bonuses are subject to the same bonus terms and requirements as all other casino game bonus types. It is best to get acquainted with the whole set of requirements on different gambling sites in order to choose the most favorable cash back bonuses.

Advantages of cash back bonuses

The players eligible for cash back bonus can see their bankrolls stretch out significantly. Additional free money is always good, and the players may spend them for further wagers at their favorite casino games. Besides, players who have lost money in the previous game sessions will get a second chance and have no hard feelings about their failures. Cash back bonuses are also profitable for casinos as far as by means of additional casino bonus money offers they make sure the player will come back to their website.

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