Casino payment method bonus

Online casino payment method bonus (or deposit bonus) is offered in case the players use payment methods preferred at the given online casino. It may be any existing method or a specific method developed by the certain online casino. Payment method bonuses are one of the ways for online casinos to attract players, just like weekly or monthly bonus, as far as the use of payment methods encouraged by the given casinos aims at simplifying the payment process and making it more secure.
There are basically three options for payment common at online casinos:

  • Credit card. It is probably the most popular payment method these days, especially as most casinos introduce security measures to ensure the transactions from the players' accounts are safe. Nevertheless a lot of players are still reluctant to use this payment option as far as it requires sharing personal credit account information.
  • E-wallet. This payment method implies that a third party takes part in transactions. This secure intermediary - Neteller or PayPal are among the most popular providers - collect the players' funds and provide for further crediting into the players' casino accounts. Bonuses for using online wallets may reach 20%.
  • Direct or wire transfer. The players are able to transfer money to the intermediary account to be later sent to the casino accounts, or make a direct transfer from their banks to the online casinos.

Due to the payment method preferred at an online casino, the player may get a special payment method bonus. Payment method bonus can be used as both sign up bonus and recurrent bonus. For instance, the player may be offered to sign up and make the first deposit with Neteller to get a bonus of 100% for up to $200 deposit. Another payment method may be encouraged by introducing 20% monthly bonuses for up to $500 deposits every month, etc.
There are different reasons for developing such bonuses:

  • As far as certain payment options may help casinos reduce commission fees, these casinos introduce special casino promotions for using certain payment methods. Credit card payment basically costs the most to the online casinos, that's why they usually prefer direct transfers. Still, a lot of casinos develop their own payment methods and encourage the players to use them by offering bonuses.
  • Another reason for introducing payment method bonuses is security. Licensed respectable online casinos need to provide proper level of security of money transactions and to avoid frauds. That's why reliable payment methods are preferable at such casinos, and the players are encouraged to use these certain payment methods by means of bonuses.

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