Casino loyalty program features

It is well known that online casinos constantly compete with each other to attract more players to sign up at their sites introducing a whole set of welcome bonuses like sign up bonus. When the player has already become a constant client of a certain gambling site, struggle for his or her soul between online casinos continues. In fact, it is cheaper for the casino to invest a few dollars to keep the player than to lose him or her to another casino.

How casino loyalty program works

The players who have already gained a certain status at a given online casino may be offered a special casino loyalty program. Casinos introduce these programs in order to award the players for their loyalty - and, consequently, to keep them playing at their sites. Casino loyalty program basically offers certain credits that can be used by the players to make further wagers at a given casino.
One of the basic types of loyalty bonuses is gaining points. These points are credited to the player's account form the very first deposit and depend on the number and amount of bets the player makes while staying with the same online casino.

  • To get more points the player is supposed to make multiple bets of large amounts.
  • It is important to always get acquainted with the basic bonus terms and wagering requirements for casino loyalty program at a given casino. It well may happen that a certain game is not included in the program.
  • The points the player gets may be transferred into cash or come as a non-cashable sticky bonus or as certain prizes. Before accepting the casino loyalty program the player should make sure if such winnings are suitable for him or her.

Another means of awarding the player for loyalty is including him or her to the actual casino Loyalty Program, or VIP program.

  • Just like in a previous type of loyalty rewards, the player should make large and multiple (or at least regular) bets in order to be eligible for the VIP status.
  • The player not just receives credits to his or her account, but is also eligible for a whole set of certain surprise bonuses, weekly and monthly bonuses and other types of regular casino promotions.

Just like any other casino bonus type, casino loyalty program is subject to a whole set of bonus terms and wagering requirements that differ in different casinos. Some casinos may even require no playthrough (but only some; besides, even those that offer such a privilege will have some token requirements). Prior to playing with a casino loyalty program, one should get acquainted with all the rules for the bonus.

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