Refer a friend bonus advantages

Refer a friend bonus (or referral bonus) is perhaps one of the easiest ways to make profit while gambling at an online casino. All the player is to do in order to get this bonus is to inform his or her friend (several friends will be even better) about the casino he or she prefers. The newly arrived friend is supposed to create a new account and make a deposit at the casino and - voilà - the player who has invited the newcomers gets extra casino bonus money to his casino account!

Refer a friend bonus terms and conditions

As we have already mentioned, refer a friend bonus requires that a player invites one or more friends to a given online casino and that these newbies create new accounts and deposit money. Different casinos make different referral bonus offers.

  • Refer a friend bonus may differ in size at different online casinos. One player may discover that his referral bonus amount at a given casino is actually mediocre, while another player at a different casino will get great casino promotions to his total bankroll. Usually refer a friend bonus amount will range between about $20 and $100 for every friend you refer to a given online casino. The amount of refer a friend bonus may be defined by the total amount of the friend's initial deposit at some casinos, while in other casinos it will be a set amount.
  • Most casinos will just reward you with credits to your casino account as soon as the friends you have invited open their accounts and make initial deposits. But there are casinos that will also give reward to your friend for following your good advice. Some casinos even offer an opportunity to include several friends for a gaming session. They reward the existing player for inviting friends to the game and then, in addition, if his or her friends decide to join the website of the casino.

Nevertheless there are certain basic bonus terms for refer a friend bonus common at all online casinos:

  • The invited friend cannot be an already existing player of a given online casino.
  • The newcomer should necessarily make an initial deposit after creating a new casino account.

Benefits of refer a friend bonus

Probably the biggest advantage concerning refer a friend bonus is that it allows players to incorporate their friends - people who usually share their likes and interests - into online casino gambling. This way casino gambling may be compared with social networks were you can communicate with your friends and like-minded people, especially as most online casinos have online chat rooms.

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