Slots bonuses basics

Slots bonuses are seen as one of the most common and popular types of casino game bonuses. They are available practically at every online casino, and one can always make advantage of any of them while playing slots online. Compared with other game bonuses types, slots bonuses offer substantially higher percentages for match bonuses and, usually, lighter wagering requirements.
But one should always remember that different casinos offer different bonus terms and conditions and different size of the bonuses, that’s why it is crucial that the player checks for the different bonus requirements before actually playing at real money casinos.

Slots bonuses types

Online casino players may face two basic types of slots bonuses. These are bonuses that are specific for slots only and bonuses available for different games.

  • “Slots only” bonuses usually offer higher value of the bonus for a player’s certain deposit amount. For instance, if the player makes a $100 deposit while taking advantage of this type of slots bonuses, instead of the usual 100% bonus he or she may get up to 400% or $4,000.
  • The other type of slots bonuses conforms to a wider range of casino games. These are best for the players who get bored if they play only one game. What is important here is that different games offer different wagering requirements. The players should get thoroughly acquainted with these requirements before actually taking advantage of slots bonuses at an online casino. For example, the player is able to get 100% slots bonuses for 25x wager, while blackjack bonuses will only make 10% to 25% for the same 25x wager.

No Deposit slots bonuses imply that a player needn’t deposit any money to play slots at a real money online casino. This type of bonuses is probably one of the most popular with slot machines, and casinos offer it in order to attract more players to play for money. There is also an additional multiple deposit bonus offering bonuses for several subsequent deposits of the player.
Sign up bonus at slots is actually a single time casino bonus offer that is given to a player when he or she creates an account and makes the first deposit at an online casino. What is notable about slot machines is that they most often offer low requirements for welcome bonuses.
Sticky slots bonuses don’t allow the withdrawal of bonus money from the player’s account, but instead offer great opportunities to play with a large bonus amount and consequently be able to make a good profit while playing slots.

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