Bonus whoring at online casinos

Bonus whoring (or bonus hunting) is a special advantage playing strategy adopted by certain disloyal casino players due to which they try to take maximum advantage of maximum bonuses offered by different online casinos. The player taking to bonus whoring enters an online casino website, creates an account and plays until the minimum wagering requirements are reached so that the player is able to withdraw the bonus money. After the main objective is reached, the player proceeds to another online casino.
Usually casinos offer a sign up bonus for players who create their first account. Players applying bonus whoring will take advantage of this bonus at every online casino they subscribe to.

Bonus whoring strategies

In order to enjoy the best sign up bonuses without having to stay with the online casino for long, the players may apply bonus whoring strategies. Here you can find some recommendations for bonus hunting implying no further actions.

  • It is recommended to always play casino games like blackjack, video poker or roulette. It is easier to fulfill the requirements for these games and thus enjoy the best game bonuses like roulette or video poker bonuses.
  • Most guides will recommend the players who wish to get the best bonuses with the least efforts and money waste to make their wagers small. This will reduce the possible losses of the player if he or she strikes a bad patch while gambling.
  • In case the player finds out that after fulfilling the wagering requirements he or she ends up with less than the initial deposit, it is best to leave the casino and proceed with another one instead of trying to win back the lost funds.
  • It is highly important to get thoroughly acquainted with the whole set of rules and possible strategies for the casino game you are going to play and, besides, for the bonus terms and wagering requirements for a certain game.
  • It is best to play in intervals in order to maintain control over the game process and stay calm and concentrated.
  • An important recommendation for bonus whoring is to keep your winnings and bonus cash after you fulfill the requirements and withdraw bonuses in order to make larger initial deposits in other casinos and enjoy bigger bonuses.

It is important to remember though that online casinos will regard bonus whoring as a fraudulent player behavior and take measures in order to ward off advantage players from their sites. For this casinos may introduce highly demanding bonus terms and wagering requirements unprofitable for bonus hunters.

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