The best roulette bonuses

Before starting to play roulette at an online casino, one should always make sure the casino he or she has chosen offers the most favorable conditions for roulette bonuses. As far as roulette is a game of mere chance irrelevant to the player’s skills, just like slots online, any extra money offered by the casino will be useful for the player as it might help the player stay longer at the casino and consequently get more chances to hit a winning number.

Restrictions for roulette bonuses

Unfortunately, roulette bonuses have become quite rare these days, and roulette is most often excluded from the whole variety of casino games offering bonuses. One of the reasons for this is that online players may easily make counter bets. For example, one may bet both on Red and Black, which makes the chances of winning the bet 36 in 37 and the bonus may be cleared at a very low risk.
Some online casinos have installed special software detecting counter betting. This has made possible the introduction of roulette bonuses at a few casinos. The players are expected to follow the “no counter betting” rules and fulfill the wagering requirements for different types of roulette bonuses.

Types of roulette bonuses

Basically all regular casino promotions are available while playing roulette. However, No Deposit casino bonuses are seldom offered at online casinos. Most of the roulette bonuses imply the necessary deposit from the players that allow the bonus to be credited to the player’s account. Even if the bonus you are offered is a deposit bonus, it is better to make the biggest allowed deposit in order to fully enjoy your bonus.
Roulette bonuses basically offer more demanding wagering requirements compared to that of the other casino game bonus types. For instance, some online casinos have a playthrough requirement of 100x wager. This means that if you deposit $100, you would need to wager $10,000 to withdraw your bonus. Some casinos may also require you to use certain bonus codes.
It is really important to read all terms and conditions for the roulette bonuses before actually accepting any of them. This may help the player to be confident about his or her bankroll and offer better chances to succeed while using a certain bonus. Besides, some bonuses may be unavailable for roulette, and getting acquainted with the bonus terms one is able to avoid possible mistakes while choosing the bonus.

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