Casino bonus wagering requirements

Online casinos introduce a whole set of various bonuses aimed at attracting more and more players to create accounts, deposit money and play at the same online casino. Players get sign up bonuses for opening their casino accounts and recurrent casino bonus money offers to make them continue gambling at a given casino.
All these favorable bonuses attract bonus hunters - advantage players who wish to enjoy the best casino bonuses without having to stay with the online casino and create multiple accounts in different casino only to get sign up bonuses. That's why online casinos have introduced certain restrictions to the process of bonus awarding known as bonus wagering requirements (or playthrough requirements).

Rules for wagering requirements

Basically the wagering requirements are the amount the player has to wager in order to cash back, or withdraw the bonus. In other words, the player is supposed to playthrough the bonus (or the bonus plus the deposit) a set amount of times before he or she may withdraw the bonus cash. In general, the bigger the bonus, the more demanding the wagering requirements are. They usually range between 15x wager and up to 40x wager for the best casino bonus offers.
Example: the player may wish to cash back the 100% match bonus for up to $100 deposit. He or she deposits $200 and is willing to withdraw the bonus cash. It will be impossible though until the player fulfills the wagering requirement that makes say 20x wager plus bonus. It means that to withdraw the bonus the player has to wager $4,000 ($100 plus $100 is $200, and $200 is multiplied by 20).

Wagering requirements for different casino games

To make things more complicated, the casinos have introduced different wagering requirements for different casino games. The reason for this is that some of the games are considered to be easier to make larger bets on, and the players will be supposed wager more while playing these games.
For instance, wagers for slots bonuses count for a whole 100% of the bet value toward meeting the wagering requirements, while blackjack and roulette wagers will count less than 50% toward meeting the requirements. Besides, blackjack and roulette are excluded from the bonus offers at a few online casinos.
This way, to get a $300 match bonus at slots online with the wagering requirement of 20xwager the player will have to wager $6,000 ($300 * 20). For the same $300 bonus at blackjack, one will have to wager $60,000 ($300 * (100%/50%) * 20).
Different online casinos have different bonus terms and wagering requirements. In order to be successful and enjoy the best casino bonuses one should be aware of the various bonus wagering requirements in different casinos to find the one offering the most suitable conditions.

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