Casino bonus terms and conditions

To read and understand the basic bonus terms and conditions introduced in various online casinos is very important as far as any misunderstanding of the bonus terms may lead to casino bonus refusal. Online casinos were established to their own avail, not for the sake of enriching the players. Besides, they need to ward off disloyal and fraudulent players who might take advantage of free casino bonus money just for nothing. For this they have introduced a whole set of bonus terms and conditions to put restrictions to the whole process of bonus awarding and claiming.

Wagering requirements

The players are supposed to fulfill certain wagering requirements so that they are able to withdraw their bonus money. Wagering requirements basically define the amount of wagers the player should make before claiming the bonus. This amount usually makes from 15x up to 40x wager. This means that the player should wager 20 times his or her deposit amount (sometimes - deposit plus bonus).
For example, a player might have to wager $6,000 to get a 100% bonus for up to $300 deposit if he or she fulfills the wagering requirements of 20x wager ($300 multiplied by 20).
Different casino game bonuses have different wagering requirements. For instance, you might have to wager more while playing blackjack online as far as it is a game with relatively low house edge which allows making larger bets. At the same time, the wagering requirements for slots online will be less demanding.

Bonus claiming

Casino bonus terms include restrictions for bonus claiming. In order to eventually withdraw the bonuses, the players are supposed to meet all terms and requirements for these bonuses. Some bonuses will be credited to the players' accounts immediately as soon as necessary actions - signing up at the casino or making an initial deposit - are completed. Other bonuses require that the players address the customer support by mail or through special forms on casino websites.
Basically the restrictions for casino bonus claiming concern maximum amounts of withdrawal allowed. Usually the player is not able to withdraw more than 5 to 10 times total amount of the bonus money. For instance, one may win a big jackpot playing with bonus money, but he or she won't be able to withdraw it as far as the amount will be too high.

Bonus refusal

As it was mentioned above, online casino may refuse to cash out the bonus if the player doesn't meet the necessary bonus terms. Casino bonus refusal may be caused by the player's mistakes in fulfilling the wagering requirements. Besides, the player may happen to be a bonus hunter - disloyal casino player who creates multiple accounts in a few casinos in order to make use of the casino sign up bonuses. Bonus hunting (or bonus whoring) is seen as fraudulent behavior and a suspected bonus hunter will be refused a bonus.

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