Casino comps opportunities

Casino comps are basically the credits the player gets at a casino that encourage him or her to continue gambling for real money. Thereby casino comp points work just the same as the rest of the best casino bonus types as far as they are introduced in order to attract players and make them play for real money at a certain casino.

How to receive casino comps

Casino comps are most common at land-based casinos, but there are comps available at online casinos too. Comps are basically awards that are exchanged for cash or certain prizes like free tickets, extra bonuses or souvenirs, etc.
Comps are usually quite small in size. For instance, a player may get 3 casino comps points for every $10 he or she wagers at slots online, which is 0.3%, or 1 comp point for every $10 at blackjack, which is 0.1%.
What is good about casino comps is that the more the player actually plays at an online casino, the bigger will be his or her reward. The player actually receives the first comps from the very first gaming sessions when a new account is created and an initial deposit is made. Your comp points will be transferred into cash due to a special table available at every online casino. Rewards will be different for different games and, of course, at different online casinos.

Conditions for casino comps

Most casinos require quite unified number of casino comps for the players to be able to withdraw cash or get certain prizes. It is important to get aware of the certain bonus terms at different online casinos prior to gambling so that you may choose the gambling site offering the best conditions for awarding casino comp points.

  • Some casinos will rather offer prizes in exchange for the comp points than real money, while other casinos may offer maximum cash for minimum number of casino comps.
  • The amount of cash awarded for comps will also be different at different online casinos.

Depending on the player's objective while playing at an online casino, he or she should search for casinos offering the most suitable conditions for casino comps.

Casino comps advantages

No matter what the player's aim is, casino comps will always be an attractive part of online casino gambling. One may get extra cash which is always good or additional bonuses and even prizes from free tickets to items of technical hardware etc. You should always remember that the longer you stay with the same online casino and the more you wager, the better your casino comps will be.

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