Casino reload bonus conditions

As far as online casinos strive to attract more players and lure them to stay, they introduce a whole set of various bonus offers to realize this objective. Apart from the sign up bonus that is a single time event, the players are able to get regular bonuses when they become loyal clients of a certain online casino. Such regular bonuses are known as reload bonus offers. By means of reload bonuses the players are able to “reload” or increase their money used for wagering with free casino bonus money offerings.
In fact, reload bonus works quite the same as the sign up bonus meaning that it is awarded as soon as the player makes a deposit. The difference is that the reload bonus is credited to the player’s account on a regular basis throughout his or her stay with a certain casino, not for the initial deposit only. Not all casinos will introduce a reload bonus, but those that do have regular reload bonuses definitely attract more clients and make them deposit more money to their casino accounts.

Reload bonus types

As it was mentioned above, reload bonus offers are credited to the player’s account on quite a regular basis. There are two basic types of reload bonuses:

  • Common reload bonus. To get the common reload bonus, the player is supposed to make deposits for several times starting from the initial one. The bonus amounts will grow with every following deposit the player makes. For instance, one may get a 100% bonus for the initial deposit and then 25% for the second one. The third deposit will initiate a 50% casino match bonus, and the fourth one will be awarded at 100% again.
  • Special reload bonus. Some casinos may offer special reload bonuses that are timed to certain events, like surprise reload bonuses awarded on your birthday, or simply are credited to your account on a regular weekly or monthly basis, like a recurrent weekly bonus. There are even special Bonus days, when a player is able to get extra money for reloading his or her account.

Pros and cons of reload bonuses

  • First of all, reload bonuses are aimed at awarding the already existing loyal players to make them stay at a given online casino for a longer period of time. As far as reload bonus increases the player’s funds, he or she may play longer and make larger bets. Consequently, the player’s winning odds increase.
  • The basic drawback of reload bonuses, just like of any other bonus type, is that they come with certain restrictions known as wagering requirements. No bonus can be awarded just so as far as casinos are established for their own profit, not for that of the players. By getting familiar with the terms and requirements for various reload bonuses, the player is able to choose online casinos offering the best conditions.

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