Choosing the best casino game bonus

Online casinos introduce a whole set of bonuses for every casino game in order to attract more players to play for real money. To choose the best casino game bonus you may get acquainted with our list of bonuses for different casino games.

Slots bonuses

Slots bonuses are probably the most popular casino game bonus type available at every online casino. We differentiate two basic types of slots bonuses:

  • Special “slots only” bonuses offering higher bonuses for the player’s deposit amounts. E.g., the player who has made a $400 deposit is able to get up to 400% bonus instead of the standard 100% bonus.
  • Bonuses available for different casino games. This kind of casino game bonus is good for players who get bored fast playing the same game. It should be noted though that every game offers different requirements for wagers and different bonus amounts.
NB: Slots bonuses offer higher match bonuses percentages together with less demanding wagering requirements.

Video poker bonuses

Unlike slots bonuses introducing a set of special “slots only” bonuses, video poker bonuses are the type of casino game bonus eligible for different casino games. Together with the growing popularity of video poker, video poker bonuses have also become more prominent and offer favorable conditions to players.

There are cashable and non-cashable, or sticky video poker bonuses. With a cashable bonus the player is able to get the bonus cash as soon as he or she fulfills all requirements for the bonus. Sticky bonuses allow no cashing out, but higher amounts of sticky bonuses give the player an opportunity to play longer and consequently more chances to eventually win.

Blackjack bonuses

Blackjack is a game with high potential payout percentages as it allows a high degree of the player’s skill and using a basic strategy, which may decrease the house edge significantly. That’s why blackjack introduces more demanding wagering requirements for bonuses. For example, the player may be required to deposit about 30x wager and bonus amount, and the blackjack bonuses may count only 20% of this rollover.

In fact, most online casinos restrict blackjack bonuses toughly. It is recommended to search for the gambling sites offering fewer restrictions concerning bonuses for games in order to find the best blackjack casino game bonus conditions.

NB: Blackjack bonuses are toughly restricted in most online casinos!

Roulette bonuses

Roulette has become almost fully restricted from the variety of casino games introducing bonuses to the players, especially as advantage players are able to make counter bets, e.g. bets on both Red and Black to increase their winning odds. Nevertheless, certain online casinos introduce roulette bonuses offering the players a great opportunity to get more profit in this game of mere chance.

Roulette bonuses basically have more demanding wagering requirements compared to other casino game bonus types. Besides, you will seldom find No Deposit bonuses in roulette.

Baccarat bonuses

An introduction of bonuses to the game of baccarat has made it even more popular. Nowadays the players may enjoy favorable baccarat bonuses and increase their profits tremendously. One may get cashable baccarat bonuses available as soon as he or she fulfills all bonus terms and conditions, or sticky bonuses that cannot be cashed out but offer substantial amounts of money for further wagering.

The usual wagering requirement for baccarat bonuses makes about 20x playthrough. The bonus counts about 10% toward this rollover.

Poker bonuses

Poker bonuses are one of the most favorable casino game bonus types offering a great opportunity to get free money while playing poker at an online poker room. Online poker introduces incomparably vast variety of bonuses, both cashable and sticky, sign up and recurrent.

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