High Roller bonus for "big players"

High Roller bonus is a type of casino bonuses that is available for a small category of players - the ones who can afford to make a large initial deposit thus entering the category of Big Players. This way the high roller players get an opportunity to receive maximum bonuses.

High Roller bonus scheme

As it was mentioned above, High Roller bonus is awarded to players who make large initial deposits. For example, a casino may offer a $500 for every initial deposit of $1,000. The player who deposits $1,000 becomes a VIP player and is eligible for a whole set of special VIP bonuses.
Usually High Roller bonus is less than 100% casino match bonus. The average percentage for this kind of bonuses makes about 40 to 50% of the total initial deposit. In fact, High Roller bonuses work quite the same as regular casino promotions, with the only difference: high roller players operate large sums of money.
There are two ways of crediting High Roller bonus:

  • Creating special bonuses for high rollers only. High roller players are placed apart from the rest of the online casino gamers and get exclusive treatment.
  • Offering a general unified bonus for all players. All players are eligible for this general bonus, but the high rollers will get maximum bonus as far as they make larger deposits. Regular players cannot enjoy the maximum of the bonus but won't feel as if they were left overboard.

Pros and cons of High Roller bonus

Just like any other casino game bonus type, High Roller bonus is marked by a set of certain advantages and disadvantages.

  • Bonuses are used to attract more players to a certain online casino. High Roller bonus is introduced at an online casino in order to attract players who play with large sums of money. As long as they make large deposits, they are able to get highly favorable special bonuses and can become VIP clients. High roller players awarded with High Roller bonuses are more likely to be loyal to a certain online casino.
  • Compared to other bonus types, High Roller bonuses have basically no time limits. All the player has to do is make a large deposit and play it whenever he or she likes.


  • As far as High Roller bonus works the same as a regular match bonus, it is subject to the same bonus terms and wagering requirements. The players cannot get extra free money just so, and wagering requirements for High Roller bonuses are often quite demanding. The player may even need special codes to unlock High Roller bonus.

The requirements are different at different online casinos, and in order to take advantage of the best casino bonus it is recommended to be aware of the bonus terms at each casino.

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