Recurrent casino bonus money guide

Online casinos constantly compete with each other in attempting to attract more players and keep them playing at their websites. For this casinos introduce a whole set of measures, online casino promotions being one of the most prominent among these. Most casinos will offer special sign up bonuses intending to welcome the players who create their new accounts at a given gambling site. But apart from attracting new players it is very important to keep them playing at the same online casino and become loyal clients. Thus online casinos offer recurrent casino bonus money offers.

NB: Only loyal players who stay with the same online casino after withdrawing their initial bonuses are eligible to get recurrent bonuses.

Classification of recurrent bonuses

Recurrent casino bonus money offers are basically introduced by online casinos on regular basis. Only loyal players who stay with the same online casino after withdrawing their initial bonuses are eligible to get these.
Certain recurrent bonuses come within certain time limits. We differentiate weekly bonus, monthly bonus and weekend bonus:

  • Weekly bonus is awarded to players who make their deposits within a certain week, usually on specified days. It works as a regular casino match bonus meaning that the player’s deposit is matched by certain percentage.
  • Monthly bonuses, as the name suggests, are distributed to players once in a month. These too are match bonuses. For instance, the player may be offered a 50% monthly bonus for any deposit up to $200. This means that if the player deposits $200 every month, he or she is eligible for a bonus of $100.
  • Weekend bonuses are offered when players make deposits on weekend days and work basically the same as monthly or weekly bonus.

There is a whole set of recurrent casino bonus money offers intending to award especially loyal players.

  • Players who stay with the same casino for a long time may enter a special casino loyalty program and get favorable loyalty bonuses. These usually come in the form of credits the player may use for further betting.
  • Loyal players may also become VIP clients of a certain casino eligible for various bonuses and comps (additional credits exchangeable for cash or prizes) unavailable to other players. VIP clients are usually “big players” who can afford making large initial deposits and get highly favorable High Roller bonuses.
  • If an existing casino player refers friends to an online casino and entice them to open their accounts and deposit money, he or she is able to get a favorable refer a friend bonus.
NB: Some casinos introduce surprise bonuses like bonuses given on a player's birthday or on special Bonus days.

Exclusive bonus

Online casinos may also offer the players to use certain preferred methods of payment. For this they introduce a payment method bonus - casino bonus money offer for choosing a specified payment method marked out by the casino. It may be both credit card and e-wallet payment or direct wire transfer. The use of a certain payment method may help casinos reduce their commission fees to the payment intermediaries.

Payment method bonus

One may find exclusive casino bonuses available on certain websites in the Internet reviewing the facilities of various online casinos. These bonuses may be very profitable as far as they are usually bigger and offer better conditions than the standard casino bonuses.

Bonus whoring

All the favorable casino offers attract a certain category of players known as bonus hunters - advantage players making use of the best bonuses while they fulfill only minimum wagering requirements without having to stay with the casino. Bonus hunting, or bonus whoring is considered fraudulent behavior and certain restrictions for bonuses are introduced to ward off bonus hunters.

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