Casino match bonus overview

Match bonuses (deposit or percentage bonuses) are actually among the most commonly used in casinos. One of the reasons for such popularity is that a casino match bonus allows fewer opportunities for bonus abuse by advantage players. To compare, no deposit casino bonuses allow high degree of abuse by the players, which makes them less popular and offering much lower profits.

How a casino match bonus works

A casino match bonus provides matching the player's deposit with certain percentages of this total deposit. These percentages can make from 50% up to 500% and even 1,000% in some online casinos. One should note that such high match bonuses are only available with slots and lottery-type games like keno.
Match bonuses offered as sign up bonuses come as a single event. But casinos may actually offer some recurrent match bonuses to attract the players to continue playing.

Casino match bonus examples

  • The most common casino match bonus percentage is 100%. For instance, the 100% match bonus may have a $100 maximum matching amount. This way, the player who deposits $100 may get a total bankroll of $200.
  • With a 50% match bonus of $100 maximum matching amount, the player depositing $100 is able to get $150 total bankroll (initial $100 plus $50 bonus).
  • The match bonus offering 200% for $400 maximum matching amount may leave you with a $800 bankroll in case you deposit $400.

Match bonus requirements

As any online casino promotions, match bonuses feature certain wagering requirements. For example, a casino may require 50% casino match bonus with 20 times wager. Another requirement for match bonuses may be making a minimum deposit. Usually this minimum deposit amount is quite low - about $20 to $30. Prior to accepting a casino match bonus a player is supposed to get acquainted with all terms and requirements for a given casino and a certain game.

Casino match bonus advantages and disadvantages

  • One of the best things concerning match bonuses is considerable potential increase of the player's bankroll they offer. This increases the player's chances for winning as he or she is able to play longer.
  • As far as match bonuses are rather easy to play with, they are recommended for online casino newbies to practice casino gambling and prepare for more complicated games.
  • As it was mentioned above, no casino match bonus is available without certain wagering requirements. For example, one is supposed to make a certain amount of wagers to be able to withdraw his or her bonus money.

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