5 Reel Slots at Betfair

When it comes to casino games, one of the most popular games of all time is the slot machine, which has now developed into the video slot you find online at casino websites. Slots are easy to play whether you are experienced or a total beginner and are largely games of chance, so you feel like you have a fair shot at winning. So many different kinds of slots exist, with different numbers of reels, pay lines, themes, bonus games and many other features, you are guaranteed to find a slot that suits your needs if you’re willing to look. One great place to start is at Betfair Casino, where you will find over 50 different slots games to choose from, the largest number of any online casino.

Generally the most popular variety of online slot nowadays is the 5 reel slot. 3 reel slots feel a little dated and basic, whilst slots with huge progressive jackpots pay out big but can also eat up your money faster than you can blink. 5 reel slots provide a good balance, and these are the most common kind of slots so give you the most choice. 5 reel slots provide you with multiple different combinations of winning symbols, some of which pay out whilst others launch mini games or bonus rounds where you can earn things like extra spins or an additional wild symbol (which can represent any symbol on the reels).

Classic 5 reel slots online at Betfair casino include Highway Kings and Beach Life, whilst they also have a large number of exciting and innovative new slots games like Elektra and Daredevil, inspired by pop culture, and even a Gladiator slot inspired by the epic historical drama directed by Ridley Scott. You can browse the full range of 5 reel slots and Betfair Jackpot Games by visiting the site today.

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